(different materials)

The central theme in my work is the preoccupation with the basic conditions of nature and life in general and of humanity- as the personal aspect of life- in particular. And what we do with nature, life and humanity. In the tension-field between the base and the superstructure. How does every one of us use the given spiritual and mental luggage, good or bad, for himself or others? What in life is rather insignificant and, if one subtracts the insignificant, what remains as the indispensable, essential and also the unavoidable core of life?
The impressions and experiences of living for 16 years in the tropics, with ist abundance of growth and decay, influence my work and changed my perception of what I can take for granted. Another inspiration is my curiosity about the origin of words and objects, a journey far back into the past through layers of all cultures and countries, showing the amazing depth and complexity of the everyday present „ordinary“, which seldom is as ordinary as it seems on first glance. 

I have different kinds of work with different qualities. I like the flowing properties of watercolors, where things sometimes develope unforseen and on their own, and the pasty richness of acrylic paint. But sometimes my alchemistic tendencies take over and I experiment with all sorts of materials. In some works I have a clear concept, that I follow. In others, the concept is more vague and I partly just look what happens. The best moments are those, where during painting something happens, that I never planned or thought of, but which suddenly opens up a path and gives an extra dimension, which perfectly adds to what I meant…like a reply in a dialogue.
I often work in series, to let the different works of such a block interact with each other.